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Hey John,
We are now 4 weeks post-wedding and we are STILL getting phone calls and emails saying that our wedding was the best wedding anyone has ever been to....and it's because of Those Guys!!  Honestly, you were so far above and beyond anything we could've asked for.  Everyone kept pulling Chris and I aside to tell us what an awesome band we had.  The music you piped in for the cocktail hour and dinner was absolutely perfect and then the live music was unbelievable!  I have an older Aunt from Queens, NY who is the most critical woman I ever met (she asks me what size I'm wearing before she says hello) and even she came up to me and tell me how wonderful the music was.  One of our groomsmen was so enthralled by you guys that his wife said, "I think my husband is leaving me for the band."  The compliments kept coming all night and the guests LOVED when you put the mic in front of someone to help sing along.  You may have made my husband think he has a career in music after the Navy haha. Everything was so high energy and well thought-out.  The order of the playlist was perfect to keep everyone on the floor and excited for the next song. The emcee-ing was perfect as well.  All names were pronounced correctly and the timing of everything was great.  The manager of the country club kept telling us that he wanted you booked for their upcoming events.e country club kept telling us that he wanted you booked for their upcoming events.
I wish I could adequately express how grateful we are...our wedding was truly the best night of our lives and the best party we have ever been to!  Good music is the backbone of a good party and Those Guys provided the absolute best!!!  Thank you so so much for everything!!!  Please feel free to have anyone contact me if they want to ask about your performance- nothing but rave reviews!! Can't wait to see you all again when we get back to Newport!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
Love,Chris and Francine

'Hi John,
We just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  Words can't even describe how fantastic you guys were at our wedding!  We got compliments from every single person there about how great the band was.  No one could believe how long and hard you played.  Everything went so perfectly, all the intros were correct and your attention to detail could never have been matched by anyone else!  I've gotten the "best wedding ever" compliment from so many people and I know it was because of you guys! Again, thank you so much, it was definitely the best night of our lives!
Christina (Carmolli) Wood

“I have hired ‘Those Guys’ numerous times to play at our annual corporate awards dinner.  We usually have around 100 attendees that include employees and their guests along with the regional management from BMW of North America.  They’re fantastic, even though my dealership has a wide range of personalities and age groups ‘Those Guys’ find a way to appeal to everyone.”


Kenneth Koehler

General Manager

Inskip BMW

Office:  401-821-1510

Cell:     401-640-6015

“We had "Those Guys" play at my twins college graduation party. My family and friends had an absolutely awesome experience. We knew the band from summers at Block Island but before booking them our greatest concern was the bands appeal to my 80 year old parents, my elderly aunts and uncles, my kids former teachers (in their 60's), and our older neighbors... We knew that the 200+ college kids would be fine...Well, considering that my father, two uncles and my neighbors were among the last people dancing (standing), I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Everyone loved their ability to play songs for the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and current releases... "Born to Run", "Come On Eileen", "Sweet Caroline" and "Build me up Buttercup"...It was a great time for all!...People that I have run into 4 months after were still telling me it was the best party they had been to... A quote from this past weekend Trinity football tailgate, "Wow when you through a party you really do it right - the band was incredible" I definitely agree. Great music, great stage show, great guys!” 

Dave Albrycht

Glastonbury, CT

 “We’ve been part of fundraisers for numerous charities and political candidates over the years, but DemStock 2006 was the most fun we’ve had raising money for our organization. Those Guys have always been a personal favorite, but they out did themselves for our event. RI Young Democrats always have a good time for a good cause and Those Guys made sure this night was something special. Thanks to the band!”


Paul Tencher
Campaign Manager
Roberts for Lt. Governor

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